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Allows user to define the name of unknown variable from .mat file and load it into the workspace.



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getfilevar is an alternative to load. It accepts the name of a .mat file, identifies the variables in the file and allows the user to choose a single variable to load. This avoids use of the convention struct=load(filename,variable), which requires the user to know the name of the variable in subsequent lines of code. getfilevar allows the user to define the variable name before loading and allows for some degree of 'blind' coding.

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Bugfix - filename now loading properly for all input options.


Update to deal with list size falling off the edge of the screen.


Bugfix: uigetfile in previous issue did not pass complete file path to filename.


getfilevar can now be called with no input arguments, allowing the user to select a file interactively from a file browser.


Now includes output of original variable name and the option to define the prompt for the list dialogue.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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