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Publish dependent and called functions

Publish dependent and called functions


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26 Oct 2011 (Updated )

Publish explicitly called functions not found in the MATLAB root. See mfile for limitations.

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%%  A study of volume flow rate in a pipe as a function of radius
% The volume flow rate of a fluid flowing in a round pipe of radius $r0$ is
% $$Q = \int_{0}^{r0} v(r) \, 2 \pi \, r \, dr$$
% $v(r)$ = velocity

% Plot volume flow rate as a function of radius.

close all

r0 = linspace(0.0001,6,5);
for i = 1:length(r0)
    Q(i) = Volume_Flow(r0(i));
%% Plot
xlabel('Radius (cm)'), ylabel('Volume Flow Rate (cm^3/s)')
title('Volume Flow Rate in a Circular Pipe')

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