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Birthday Cake

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This code bakes a birthday cake for someone special to whom you wanna surprise on his/her birthday



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Steps to be followed:

1. Extract .rar file Birthday_gift and run Birthday_gift.m

2. Change folder when asked to while running (dot)m file

3. Read instructions carefully

% This code bakes a birthday cake for someone special to whom you
% wanna surprise on his/her birthday with a cake in MATLAB ;)
% This is a chocolate flavored cake decorated with cheries on top ......
% yyuummmyy :) :)
% Lighted birthday candle has been put up on cake; Think of a wish and blow
% off candle by clicking on flame (yellowish in colour)... and here comes
% the celebration with birthday song.. :) :) .. Wish you a very very happy
% birthday..
% While running code, make sure that PC speakers are ON
% Cake prepared by Amol G. Mahurkar
% Birthday_gift.m Revisions
% Version 1.2 04/25/2013
% Version 1.1 12/19/2011
% Version 1.0 10/28/2011
% Please suggest some extra features you think should be in this birthday gift

NB: It is recommended to run this code on PC having resolution of atleast 1024x768 and keep PC speakers ON

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MK (view profile)

ziad alalaily

Error using matlab.ui.Figure/set
There is no ActivePositionProperty property on the Figure class.

Error in Birthday_gift>figureset (line 146)

Error in Birthday_gift (line 105)
[figure1, axes1] = figureset();

Ali Osman

funny program :)

Amol Mahurkar

@Loknadh Ch : I don't find any error in my code. How are you exactly getting that error? And by the way, it can't give you such an error message unless you mess up with code. Because, my code doesn't have any line,

Please check again. And make sure you read instructions.

Loknadh Ch

Getting Error Like following..!

??? Error using ==> happybirthday>cake_w_flame
Too many input arguments.

Error in ==> happybirthday at 81

??? Error: File: Birthday_gift.m Line: 147 Column: 77
Unexpected MATLAB operator.

Dai Zhang


Ben (view profile)



A/V sync


Just made it more attractive..

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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