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Automatic Map Scale Generation

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Intelligently creates and places a scale on a figure based on the lat/lon limits.



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MAKESCALE creates a scale for map data.

  MAKESCALE creates a scale on the current axis based on the current axis
      limits. The scale is made to occupy 1/5th of the map. It is placed
      in the southeast corner of the map. The units will either be in
      milimeters, meters or kilometers, depending on the size of the map.

  MAKESCALE(H_AXIS) creates a scale on the axis specificed by the handle
      H_AXIS based on the its axes limits. H_AXIS must be a scalar.

  MAKESCALE(SCALE) creates a scale made to occupy 1/SCALE of the map.
      SCALE must be a scalar, and is bounded to be between 1.1 and 10. If
      a larger value is passed in, 10 will be used. If a smaller value is
      passed in, 1.1 will be used.

  MAKESCALE(LOCATION) places the scale in the location specified by
      LOCATION. Acceptable values for location are as follows
          'northeast' 'ne'
          'northwest' 'nw'
          'southeast' 'se'
          'southwest' 'sw'
          'north' 'n'
          'south' 's'

  MAKESCALE('units',UNITS) changes the units systems from SI to imperical
      units. UNITS should be either 'si' or 'imp.' The units displayed
      are automatically switched between milimeters, meters, and
      kilometers for the SI system, or between inches, feet, and statuate
      miles for the imperical system.

  H = MAKESCALE(...) outputs H, a 3x1 containing the handles of the of
      box, line, and text.

  Any number of these input sets may be passed in any order.

  The map scale will automatically be updated as the figure is zoomed,
      panned, resized, or clicked on. It will not, however, be updated
      upon using the commands "axis", "xlim", or "ylim" as these do not
      have callback functionality.

      load conus

  Example: Placed in the south
      load conus

  Example: Half the size of the Window
      load conus

  Example: Use Imperical Units
      load conus

  Example: Zooming In
      load conus

  Note: This assumes axis limits are in degrees. The scale is sized
      correctly for the center latitude of the map. As the size of
      degrees longitude change with latitude, the scale becomes invalid
      with very large maps. Spherical Earth is assumed. Ideally, the map
      will be proportioned correctly in order to reflect the relationship
      between a degree latitude and a degree longitude at the center of
      the map.

By Jonathan Sullian - October 2011

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Thanks for the heads up Aurelien. I've made the change to the code so as to not require the toolbox. It should be approved soon.

this is required when you do not have Mapping Toolbox

reading the doc I have seen that I can write:
earthRadius = 6371000

Mike Sheppard

Mike Sheppard (view profile)



Added earthRadius = 6371000; so as to not require the mapping toolbox.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

Inspired: gdistm

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