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Strip Chart

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Scrolling plot to display streaming data.

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Some applications involve streaming data like specimen temperature, patient heart rate or your favorite stock price as a function of time. A strip chart is a useful way to display streaming data. The convention implemented here is that the current time (or other vaiable) is on the far right side. New points are added to the right. Everyhting else shifts to the left. Excess points drop off the left and get discarded. This has the effect of always showing the recent history of a waveform such as voltage versus time.
This utility function is suitable for use in test & measurement applications with the Data Acquisition Toolbox or the Instrument Control Toolbox.

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I am intending to use this script.However I get error when I run this file.
'Not enough input arguments.' at line 41

Could anyone please help me with this.

I am beginner in Matlab and trying to read LIN signals from a lin case connected via USB to one of COM port.Its part of my studies and interested to find a way.

Works great!
2 Questions:

Firstly, how would I set the Y-axis limits to specific values as I don't want the y-axis limits moving based on the data?

Secondly, is it possible to either put 2 sets of data on the stripchart or to use subplot and have multiple plots on the one figure?


Works great if you only have one stripchart running on your program. How can I include a StripChartXY into a figure window? I was able to do this with stripchart the follwing way.

fig = figure(8);
Plot2 = plot(time, zeros(size(time)));
stripchart('Initialize', gca);

Iain Robinson

Iain Robinson (view profile)

Works almost straight out the box!

In the example program contained in the comments at the top of the file, change the spelling of 'stripchart' to 'StripChart'.

Ryan Ollos

Well written and extremely well documented function, which makes it useful not only as a simple tool, but as a starting point for more complex displays.

vina rambu

Javen S

Jim Gottwald

A very nice, well written function to dynamically plot data. Easily adjustable for axis limits and display refresh rate.

sastri o.s.k.s


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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

Inspired: StripChartXY

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