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Square Wave Generator

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Generate an array of values that represent a square wave.



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This is a simple function that returns an array of values that represent a square wave based on two essential inputs (total time and period) and four optional inputs (plot option, minimum amplitude, maximum amplitude, and resolution).

[f] = squareWave(time,per,plotChk,Amin,Amax,res)

Units are arbitrary, but time and amplitude are assumed.

The following examples illustrate its use:

[y] = squareWave(10,1);
[y] = squareWave(10,1,1);
[y] = squareWave(10,1,-1,1);
[y] = squareWave(10,1,-1,1,1);
[y] = squareWave(10,1,-1,1,1,1e5);

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Updated examples in help section of M-file to be more intuitive.


Examples in file description appropriately updated.

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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