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Adaptive Channel Equalizer Simulink Model

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Simulink Model of Adaptive Equalizer



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In this model we have shown how adaptive filter can perform and correct up the channel effect on signal. This model is showing how filter is adapting itself to channel at each iteration. You can see different scopes displayed on model screen like adaptive filter weights, scatter plots for message symbols, frequency response of filter.. It shows you the results: how gradually filter is changing its weights according to channel.
More to that, It is very useful for analysis and study. If you want to make any particular application you can make an analysis like,, which algorithm, what should be the value of step size and so on..
Thank you all.. ans your valuable suggestions are always welcomed... Keep posting!!

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Ganesh Reddy

Can you please tell me, why you have taken delay of 6 samples between 'Modulated signal' and 'Desired signal of LMS' ?

I tried to find the delay using 'find delay' block. And I found there is only 1 sample delay.

Please explain..



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