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More intuitive subplot

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Matlab's subplot is useful for throwing figures together but the indexing is very counter-intuitive.

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Simple wrapper for Matlab's subplot. Most arguments get passed straight through. The only difference is in how the thisPlot index is handled. Instead of being a counter-intuitive 1D index, you just use 2D indices. For example, if you want a subregion from rows 3:4 and cols 4:5, just put {3:4 4:5}. If you want a single row/col region, just do {x y} or [x y].

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Peter Li

Peter Li (view profile)

Okay, should be working now; simple but helpful.

Peter Li

Peter Li (view profile)

Sorry guys, the current version is buggy; uploaded the wrong version. I'm fixing it now, will post when the fixed one is up.



Small interface tweak


Fixed bug

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
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