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Time-Varying EEG Connectivity: A Time-Frequency Approach

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The package performs time-varying EEG connectivity analysis on a simulated data and an EEG sample.



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This package performs time-varying connectivity analysis on a simulated data and an EEG sample obtained from EEGLAB toolbox. Two time-frequency methods (short-time approach as well as Adaptive AR modelling) have been utilized to extract time-varying Partial Directed Coherence (PDC) and Directed Transfer Function (DTF) from the underlying signals. All scripts are easy to use, as they are heavily commented. The package is associated with the following reference:

A. Omidvarnia, M. Mesbah, J. M. O'Toole et al., “Analysis of the time-varying cortical neural connectivity in the newborn EEG: A time-frequency approach,” in Systems, Signal Processing and their applications (WOSSPA), 2011 7th International Workshop on, 2011, pp. 179-182.

The paper is available on IEEEXplore. You could also find it at the address below:

In the case you found the code useful for your work, please cite the above reference in your publications.

It is notable that the slightly altered versions of some functions from BioSig Toolbox ( and ARFIT toolbox ( have been used in this package. Please visit their websites for more details about their copyright licenses.

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mahmood k

first of all Thanks a heap.How can I average results for more than one data set (need PDC results for 6 patient's EEG data).Do i need to average 4-D matrix PDC_ST and then surrogate and ploting ?? please help!


Heba (view profile)

Hello every one, actually I'm trying to use that code but nothing is working, I don't know why, any suggestions please??

Thanks a lot in advance.

This is really helpful, thanks man! Are you planning on adding the coherence function to the framwork in the future?

ahmed albakri




Some minor changes were applied.


A new EEG sample obtained from EEGLAB toolbox ( was replaced with the previous EEG sample.

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