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Meshing a plate using four noded elements

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To mesh a plate with four noded elements for Finite Element Analysis



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To discretize a plate using four noded elements. A rectangular, square, circular plate can be meshed, the coordinates and nodal connectivity matrix obtained can be used for further Finite Element Analysis. On entering necessary inputs like length, breadth, radius, angle, number of elements etc., a Finite Element Mesh is plotted and nodal connectivity's and nodal coordinates are obtained.
In plate bending ( and in the plane stress problem ( I have used a FEM software for preprocessing the plate. The functions available here in the code can be used for preprocessing the plate in the above problems.
For further updates, documentation check my homepage link: Check for plate meshing there in the link.

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Analyzing the mesh noted that when using a 360 degree angle the mesh is not closed, that is, the two rays overlap have different numbers of nodes. Am I right?

Miguel Matos


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Added code to mesh the Circular plate and part of the circular plates

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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