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CLIP2 limits the values in an array.



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CLIP2 limits the values in an array
Y = CLIP2(A,x_min,x_max) generates an array Y where values outside
the limits (x_min, x_max) are clipped to interval edges. A is a matrix
and x_min and x_max are scalar values. The size of Y is the same size
as A.

Y = CLIP2(A,x_min,x_max,'DisplayAsNans') is like CLIP2(A,x_min,x_max)
but values outside the limits are replaced to nans.

For example,
x = (1:100)'; x_min = 15; x_max = 47;
y = clip2(x,x_min,x_max)

x = ceil(100*rand(10)); x_min = 5; x_max = 25;
y = clip2(x,x_min,x_max)

t = (0:1e-2:5)'; x = 3.5*sin(2*pi*t); x_min =
0; x_max = max(x); y =clip2(x,x_min,x_max,'DisplayAsNans')

CLIP2 is a modification from NUMPY's (Python extension module)
clip function.

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Yes Jan, you are correct. Furthermore, this way of coding, it generates somewhat faster code.

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

You can omit the reshaping and operate on the input A directly instead of the vector x.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

Inspired: clip

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