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Routh's array in symbolic way



24 Nov 2011 (Updated )

Routh's array of symbolic polinomials. It is different for similar functions in Matlab Central.

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[M L] = routh_hurwitz(P,N)
This function gives the Routh's array from a numerical or SYMBOLIC polynomial and includes two special cases: (1) the first element of the row is zero; (b) a row of zeros.
P Numerical or symbolic array of coeficients. In the case of symbolic variables it is necesarry to define them as: >> syms a b c ...
N Digits to be considered zero a number. E.g, for N=5, 10^(-5) is considered a zero. By default, N=10
M Routh's array without any simplification (e.g., with epsilon notation)
L Simplified first column of Routh's array with simplification (e.g., using the limit when epsilon tends to zero) that determines the number of roots in the right-half of the s-plane: the number of changes of signs in L
1. [M, L]=routh_hurwitz([1 0 2 3 4])
2. syms a b c d K; [M, L]=routh_hurwitz([1 b c d+a*K])
3. syms k; [M, L]=routh_hurwitz([1 k 1 1])
4. [M, L]=routh_hurwitz([1 -3 -15 -9 -58 12 72])
5. syms a; [M, L]=routh_hurwitz([1 0 2 3 a])

Developed by Carlos M. Vélez S., cmvelez@eafit.edu.co
EAFIT University, http://www.eafit.edu.co
Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
November 24th 2011

Required Products Symbolic Math Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
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24 Nov 2012 Cris

Cris (view profile)

I apllied thia script and is usefull

30 Nov 2011 1.1

The input argument N was included

01 Dec 2011 1.4

It was fixed the problem when the last elements of a polynomial are zeros.

13 Oct 2015 1.41

The function "limit" is used instead of "subs" function

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