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Live audio stream analyser and voice coach

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A program that uses 'analoginput' to create a live audio stream, which is analyzed in real-time.



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The program creates a real-time audio feed by using 'analoginput', which is filtered though a band pass filter and the dominant frequency is extracted with FFT and then plotted. I've thought of this script as a voice coach, so I've also plotted a few musical notes as reference on the frequency scale. In theory it is possible to create any reference sequences, which means that one could learn to sing anything perfectly. There are two other plots, the bottom-left one shows the current filtered signal and a bottom-right one shows the frequency spectrum. These plots give a picture to the user of the signal's composition.
Of course this can be put to far better use than singing but that's up to you.

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How can i store data?

I'm going to update this script next week, so if you want to have some extra features leave a comment.
The first will be: an option to save and export all the data. (If you're impatient you can find the variable names in which the data is stored in the plot update can pass those to a button function for ex. where you call the 'save' function)


how can i store data and update it

Toan Phuong

It's quite good. I may use it as a voice coach for my code of speech recognition. Would you update your programe! Please. Thanks

I forgot to mention that it's still a beta version...I have to find and eliminate the cause of the errors that appear when there are quick frequency changes. And I also will include a tutorial on how to use it.

If you tried it please leave feedback. Thanks!

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