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Let me work, figure!

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Fig replaces the built-in figure without stealing your focus. Setting properties is also available.

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For everyone that needs to plot something in a long loop, and still wants to use the computer in meanwhile, without new figures stealing your keyboard focus and disrupting your work-flow, this file emulates the built-in figure command, but if the desired figure handle already exists, it will just set it as the current figure, without making it visible or on top of other windows.

It's the same as issuing a set(0,'CurrentFigure',h) command, but encapsulated using the same syntax as figure.


fig(456, 'Name', 'Figure Title');
h = fig('Name', 'New figure');
fig(h, 'Name', 'New Name');

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Great! Easy to use. One suggestion: put your license information in fig.m. That way people can just include the file in their project without having to associate the license too.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired by: "Smart"/Silent Figure

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