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check if coordinates are inside the hexagon

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check if coordinates are within the hexagon, can be used to filter out positions outside.



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check if the position(s) are inside a hexagon

pos: coordinates of the positions, size (#positions, 2);
radius: radius or edge length of the hexagon
center: of the hexagon, by default is [0 0]
rotation: of the hexagon, by default is 0 degree
output: a bool vector of size (#positions, 1); true if inside.

by Yuanye Wang, Powerwave Technologies

An example is given below, which generates positions inside a hexagon with edge length 10, center position [3 10], and rotated 40 degree:

clear all; close all; clc
center = [3 10];
radius = 10;
rotation = 40;
pos = randn(50000,2) * radius + repmat(center, 50000,1);
x = inside_hex(pos, radius, center, rotation);

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Ken Purchase

Simple and elegant - thanks!

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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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