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Get Stock Information from Yahoo

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This function allows you to pull stock information from Yahoo with Yahoo! Query Language in Matlab.



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This function allows you to pull stock information from Yahoo with "Yahoo Query Language" in Matlab. Below list contains the information being pulled from Yahoo.

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This software no longer works, Feb 14, 2017.


Martin (view profile)

Is it possible to use the function to extract the information historically? A reply is much appreciated!

Hi, I continuously get the following message:

"failed! http code: 400"

Do you know why I get it?


Zhao Hang


kim (view profile)

Thank you!

ted p teng

ted p teng (view profile)

You can use this in conjunction with my other function "Get U.S. Stock Symbol" as below.
%get tickers listed on nyse
[tickers,tickersInfo] = getStockSymbols('exch_nyse');
%get ticker information
data = getStockInformation(tickers);
%find stock with price/book < 2.
stockPick=data(priceBook < 2);

ted p teng

ted p teng (view profile)

Hi Jacob, thank you for catching a bug. I have uploaded a corrected version, please re-download the file and try it again.

Jacob Bortnik

Dear Ted, thank you for sharing your work! When I ran this function, there seemed to be a function missing (getStockFundamentalsCore). Do you know where I can find it?

Also- have you ever tried to implement a matlab-based stock screener, i.e., return a list of ticker symbols based on certain filter criteria?

Thanks again!


I'm new to MATLAB and can't figure out how to use this. Were exactly do I put the ticker?



plucked a bug.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

Inspired by: Get U.S. Stock Symbols

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