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Capacity Maximization in Multiuser OFDMA system

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The complete project of OFDMA system. It tries to maximize the network capacity.



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In this document, the problem of OFDMA multi-user resource allocation based on MMSE channel
estimation is considered. Maximization of system capacity, based on available error-free instantaneous
estimated channel state information at the transmitter, is the goal. Optimal power distribution between
different subchannels is computed analytically, and it is shown that equal power allocation among
subcarriers is almost near the optimum capacity. Furthermore, the optimum number of pilots and the
amount of power allocated between pilot and data subcarriers is computed analytically. Moreover, it is
shown, trough simulation, that numerical results absolutely coincides the analytical computations.

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Thanks A lot, Sir, It is very helpful

asma b

asma b (view profile)

can i get code for subcarrier allocation for multi user

Hamid Ramezani

Hamid Ramezani (view profile)

Dear ASMA b,

I do not have the code for multi-cell. I think it would be much more difficult.


asma b

asma b (view profile)

sir can i get this same code for multi cell OFDMA MIMO

Hamid Ramezani

Hamid Ramezani (view profile)

For the pdf file please go to this web address:

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