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Learn Basic Abilities of Simulink - Guide

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If you want to learn and love Simulink, follow these six documented steps with models.

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If you want to begin with Simulink, but not really sure how, this can be a good point to start with. You have an HTML to show the steps you need to follow, and 6+ models to show some of the basic abilities of Simulink.
This example starts slow, and then picks up toward the end. There are six "Begin Here Models", a few tasks to accomplish, and the complete models of the results.
Also includes a model for Stateflow, and one for Code Generation - if you have the licenses for those.
Based in part on the "sldemo_househeat.mdl" which ships with Simulink.
Instructions: Simply unpack, and run "start_LearnSimulink".

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Nikhil Nan

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MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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