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Cell Segmentation and Tracking

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This program opens a GUI, segments and tracks cells from videos using the parallelization toolbox.

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This program has been developed in collaboration with LCSB and BIOp at EPFL, Lausanne. It is specific for a microwell experiment with brightfield pictures and GFP expressing cells pictures. It uses a well detection part, then a segmentation part using watershed and a tracking part using the hungarian method for assignment problem. This program is specific for an experiment but users would be interested to use some parts of the code for their own program.

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Jorge Vargas


hui cheng

Mia Divecha

Hi there. In your documentation, you mention an excel file (excel combinatorial file). I would love to try your program, but I can't seem to find this excel file in the folder mentioned. Is it possible to have it emailed to me? Or perhaps it's somewhere else that I can't find? Thank you! -Mia


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