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Import of Java Swing GUIs from Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ etc



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GImport supports the import of Java Swing-based GUIs. These can be designed by hand or by using one of the many free GUI designers such as those in Eclipse, NetBeans or IntelliJ IDEA.

If you find MATLAB GUIDE-designed GUIs limiting, GImport may be what you are looking for.

To import a GUI simply put your jar file on the MATLAB Java class path and provide an instance to the GImport constructor
g=GImport(MATLABContainer, mypackage.myclass());

MATLABContainer can be any MATLAB container e.g. a figure or uipanel.

The GImport class methods do the work as explained in the accompanying PDF documentation. This includes active layout management that causes the GUIs to resize in the same way as ‘normalized’ MATLAB figure components.

In addition, GImport supports Swing JFrames as containers:
g=GImport(JFrame, mypackage.myclass());
A GXJFrame function for thread-safe creation of JFrames is included.

The GImport class provide easy-to-use methods for thread-safe modification of the GUIs on-the-fly, MATLAB callback setup etc. together with support for Drag & Drop.

An up-to-date copy of the jcontrol class is from Project Waterloo is included. Older versions of this class should be removed.

Part of Project Waterloo from King's College London - see

Comments and Ratings (2)

Malcolm Lidierth

obj.hide on Line 177 should be moved to after the drawnow() at line 205 for the active layouts to be set up correctly. I'll post a fix.

Sebastien PARIS



Add support for externally created GUIs with no MATLAB container


Add GXJFrame function and support for JFrames


Fix hide before drawnow/layout.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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