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Wake Induced Dynamics Simulator (WInDS) for Offshore Floating Wind Turbines

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A lifting-line, free vortex wake method code developed for wind turbine aerodynamic analysis.



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The Wake Induced Dynamics Simulator (WInDS) is a lifting-line theory (LLT) -based free vortex wake method (FVM) code developed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Wind Energy Center with the express purpose of modeling the offshore floating wind turbine (OFWT) aerodynamics to a higher degree of accuracy than is possible via momentum balance methods. WInDS natively incorporates the multiple DOFs present in offshore floating wind turbines, resulting in a more realistic simulation of the flow field. Examples of wake simulations available at

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babu bala

hi tommy,
how do i run the script continuously and change the input parameters like turbine model, roughness, TI & Wake decay values ?


Arash (view profile)

harry yao

Your work is quit good, but I suggested you to compare your simulation with the simulation made by ANSYS.

By the way.
Could you using this to calculated the enegy of the winds generates?

Sean Agius

Thanks for Sharing.
I think it is very good.


Jveer (view profile)




Included link to YouTube videos of wind turbine wakes generated using WInDS code.

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