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Converts .fig files containing Cartesian xyz plots to stereo in 3 formats



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This is an upgrade to makestereofig that allows conversion of .fig files containing 3D Cartesian xyz plots to .jpg images containing (1) an anaglyphic (red-cyan) stereo plot, (2) a straight (LR) stereo pair, or (3) a crossed (RL) stereo pair. The latter two options may be preferable to users who wish to "free vision" the plot or to use reddish or bluish colors that do not work well in anaglyphic plots. For best results, the original figure should be drawn using linewidths 1.5 or greater and font sizes 14 or greater. The upload contains the top level script (makestereofig_v2.m), an ancillary function (plotdisplay2.m), and a demo .fig file.

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