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Higher-order total variation inpainting

M-files for inpainting with nonlinear and higher-order PDEs



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M-files for inpainting with:

M1: heat_equation.m: the heat equation (harmonic inpainting)
M2: bvl2_inpainting_convs.m: standard total variation inpainting
M3: bvnegh_inpainting_convs.m: a fourth-order total variation PDE for inpainting.

Mat-files include:

MAT1: strip1ades.mat (default image): black strip on white background with a small hole in the middle. All three inpainting methods M1-M3 give similar results. The strip inpainted with M2 and M3 has sharper edges than the one inpainted with M1.
MAT2: strip1ades1.mat: the same black strip as in MAT1 but with a larger hole in the middle. For this example the higher-order inpainting method M3 clearly outperforms the other two inpainting methods.
MAT3: elephantcropdes1.mat: image of elephants with speckled inpainting domain.

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Egor (view profile)

it is working somehow, but i can't understand why script is bluring whole image(with mask, defined in small region). can you comment this, please?

raj kumar



1. More description on the m- and mat-files included in the program.
2. Update of bvnegh_inpainting_convs.m. There has been an error in the initial assignment of variables before the inpainting algorithm could actually start.

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MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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