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Using MATLAB for Bearing Fault Analysis

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Ball Bearings can have several faults, which result in different signals. This program shows this.



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A ball bearing is comprised of an inner and an outer ring. A fault in each one of them can cause the resonance frequencies of the bearing to awake.
This program has a simple GUI with which you can investigate bearing faults in the inner or outer ring.
Using Signal Processing algorithms, you can view the activated frequecies, the frequecy-time spectrogram, the Kurtosis values and the signals in the fault and the system's reaction.
This program is fully documented, along with an HTML to get you started.

Comments and Ratings (4)

Marco Schmid

Great Idea but I can't istall it! Using Matlab 2016a :(

Good one! Thanks.. In addition to changing RPM, is it possible to generate fault signal by changing some other parameter causing fault?

Provide very good professional guidance

Milind natu



1. Updated the files and now the program runs well on R2015b, with no warnings.
2. Packaged an App that makes life simple, for those who do not wish to look at the underlying code.
3. Source code still in the submission.

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