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Fast and efficient spectral clustering

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Fast and efficient spectral clustering


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02 Jan 2012 (Updated )

Perform fast and efficient spectral clustering algorithms

plotSilhouette(hObject, handles)
function handles = plotSilhouette(hObject, handles)

plotDimensions = get(handles.lstPlotDimensions, 'Value');

FigureTitle = 'Silhouette';

[handles, handles.figSilhouette] = openPlotFigure(hObject, handles, ...
    'Silhouette', FigureTitle);

indVector = convertClusterVector(handles.ClusteredData);

[S, handles.figSilhouette] = silhouette((handles.Data(plotDimensions, :))', ...

Avg = sum(S) / size(S, 1);
FigureTitle = sprintf('Silhouette (Average: %.3f)', Avg);

hold off;

guidata(hObject, handles);

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