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coreless transformer technology

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This paper shows the amplification and level shifting are the main tasks gate drive.



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To drive the high side switch in a half bridge configuration it is necessary to transmit signals from the micro controller to the floating high side potential. Depending on the performance level of the drive circuit either HV IC’s with different kinds of level shifters, opto-couplers or transformers are employed for signal interchange. HV IC’swith level shifters are comparably inexpensive, but they can not on principle grant galvanic isolation. Opto-couplers on the other hand do provide safe isolation, but they degrade over time. Especially in high performance drive discrete transformers are the common solution, although they are expensive. By integrating both windings of a coreless transformer solution, on a silicon die, Infineon technologies in corporation with eupec developed a cost effective solution, that incorporates the advantage of a transformer into an IC. First measurements on signal transmission as well as insulation voltage are shown. Being capable of integrating various functions into the IC,potential features for a half bridge driver are discussed.

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