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cbimage - checkerboard superposition of two images

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superimpose two images (may be grayscale or RGB) with a chess (checkerboard) pattern

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checkerboard image, superimpose two images (grayscale/RGB) with a chess pattern

imFinal = cbimage(im1, im2);
imFinal = cbimage(im1, im2, 20); % 20 subdivisions
imFinal = cbimage(im1, im2, [], 10); % lower-intensity pattern got -10 % of max-min

im1: grayscale or RGB image of any size (NxNx1 or NxNx3)
im2: second grayscale or RGB image with the size of im1
nSub: number of subdivisions (1x1 for x==y-direction or 1x2 for [x-, y-direction])
{default: [12, 12]} (optional)
subInt: relative subtracted intensity in percent of max-min
{default: 10% of max-min} (optional)

imFinal: Superimposed image with the same class and same size as the input images

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Daniel (view profile)

Please contact me via 'braggpeaks|a|', since my deposited address is expired. Thanks, Daniel.

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