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Tapping Power from the Overhead Ground Wire of a High-Voltage Transmission Line

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SimPowerSystems model of a 25-kW regulated power supply tapping power from OHGW of a 735-kV line.



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When a high voltage transmission line crosses remote areas where no distribution network is available, it is possible to tap power from the overhead ground wires (OHGW) protecting the line against lighting strokes. Hydro-Quebec developed the IVACE technology to provide power to telecommunication towers located in the northern part of its network. This SimPowerSystems model illustrates principle of operation of a IVACE-based 25 kW power supply connected to one of the two OHGW of a 735 kV transmission line.

Authors: Leonard Bolduc, Yves Brissette, Jean Lemay, Gilbert Sybille; Hydro-Quebec Research Institute(IREQ).

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