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Camera Link Serial

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MATLAB class for communicating with Camera Link cameras via Camera Link frame grabbers.



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This class allows for sending and receiving data or commands to a Camera Link camera via the built in serial port of a Camera Link frame grabber.
To use this class you must have a Camera Link camera and frame grabber, and have installed GenICam 2.2 which contains CLAllSerial_MD_VC80_v2_2.dll

GenICam 2.2 can be obtained from

You must also have knowledge of the command set for the specific camera being used. This may come from the users' manual or from the reference manual for the camera.

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Hello, i try to use this file but give this error

Library was not found

Error in cameraLinkSerial/getPortInfo (line 128)
returnValue = calllib(cameraLinkSerial.LibraryName, ...

Error in cameraLinkSerial (line 253)
[obj.ManufacturerName, obj.PortName, obj.PortVersion] =

Can you help my?


Gerard (view profile)

has anyone been able to make this work?


Updated license


Added 64-bit Windows support


Added TM/R and corrected a logic error

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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