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Band matrix generation

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Generates a band matrix



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Generate a band matrix by giving the number of diagonals upper and below the main diagonal

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Loginatorist (view profile)

Caitlin, why did you submit two identical files? Did you do this by mistake, perhaps?

Also, you really should at least familiarize yourself with the ONES function in MATLAB, it would be most useful in your function...

Start with a matrix of zeros, change all the values to 1 individually through a nested for loop, then use another nested for loop to change some of them back to zeros.
The author at least deserves credit for preallocating memory.
This is why so much effort was put into implementing JIT.

Here is the entirety of what is in this file:

function [G]=bandmatrix(n,k1,k2)
for i=1:n
    for j=1:n
for i=1:n
    for j=1:n
        if (j<i-k1) G(i,j)=0;
        if(j>i+k2) G(i,j)=0;

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)
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