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NRRD Format File Reader

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NRRD Format File Reader


Jeff Mather (view profile)


18 Jan 2012 (Updated )

Read imagery and metadata from .nrrd medical imaging format files.

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File Information

Read volumetric data from the NRRD (.nrrd) medical imagery file format. This function returns the image volume and all of the metadata stored in the file.


This file inspired Nrrd Format File Reader, Nrrd Writer(Filename, Matrix, Pixelspacing, Origin, Encoding), and Nrrdmeta2num(Imgh).

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)
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22 Oct 2015 Ibraheem Al-Dhamari

Voxels values are not correct. Voxels values in Slicer3D and MITK are the same but in matlab are different.

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08 Jul 2015 Ibraheem Al-Dhamari

very useful,
it would be nice if the numeric meta data extracted as numbers instead of characters.

20 May 2015 Ilya Belevich  
28 Feb 2015 Nima Tajbakhsh

Good job! One limitation I encountered is that some temporary files that are created during the code execution are not deleted at the end. It can be a serious problem in the case of medical images where each temporary file is about 200MB. To fix this, I commented out the following line of the code

cleaner = onCleanup(@() fclose(fidTmp));

and added the followings at the end of "case {'gzip', 'gz'}."

system(['del ' tmpFile])
system(['del ' tmpBase])

01 Jul 2013 Roi mehrez

you might have a problam in the fopen. fileID in the function readData point the nhdr and the data file

30 Jul 2012 Maxime

Maxime (view profile)

03 Feb 2012 1.1

Removed "author" info.

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