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MATLAB Support Package for Finch Robot

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MATLAB connectivity code to a Finch Robot

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Connect to the Finch Robot using MATLAB. The Finch is a simple robot designed for teaching programming to undergraduates and pre-university students. Several people told me about this hardware so I thought I would try it. I used my daughter age 12 as my tester and found the platform engaging for her to learn programming.
After downloading and unzipping please run Finch.setup. This utility function will download the connectivity code to the hardware from I have tested it only on Microsoft® WINDOWS® but put some code in there to work on the Mac. If you try this on the Mac please provide feedback.

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Anyone get this working? I downloaded the java software with Finch.setup.

Matlab just hangs when I create the object.

With any other hardware that I want to connect on the Mac, I need to set the serial port. Is there a way to set the serial port with the Mac?


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Updated to enable toolbox installation for 14b


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MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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