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TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) physical layer 4-QAM modulation

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Physical layer implementation (4-QAM) of TETRA acording to ETSI EN 300 392-2 V3.4.1



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TETRA is the digital version of the "Walky Talky" used by departmets like police, fire-fighters or ambulance in some countries.

This simulink model implements parts of the physical layer as described in the specification. It includes:

- convolutional encoding
- scrambling
- timeslot generation
- modulation / demodulation
- bit error rate comparison

It is not though NOT complete! Be aware of the fact that convolutional encoding is a different one than in the specification and block encoding and interleaving are missing.

This is the 4-QAM modulation model. There is also a model applying the PI/4-DQPSK modulation

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Cecko (view profile)

TETRA sets

what if i will use wav file as input...what will i do? please help me


Timo (view profile)

click on "download all" at the top right. i just tried it and it worked for me


excuse me, how can i download this file??

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