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the best tool for signal processing, of a section of your data.

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this tool allows the followings:
1) allows user to select a section of a graph in a matlab figure,
2) if there are multiple lines and your axes is messy then it allows you to select a particular line or curve to work with,
TAG these lines and the tool uses the tag name to represent the lines to user in a pop up menu,
3) function only requires the handle of an axes to it and you good to go,
4) it allows cutting a section of a graph, line of best fit drawing of any degree, attenuation and multiplication, autocorrelation,...
5) further signal processing capabilities can be added to it easily,
6) it is easy to read and understand,
7) updates in real time,
8) allows DRAG AND DROP capability of the interested section to out side of the figure and then transferring the result to EXCEL 2010, to do this drag the required section in the zooming figure and drop it on your desktop, the section then appears in a new matlab figure, use the transfer to excel button to write your result in EXCEL.
9) provides you with some very good statistics
10) function was intended for line of best fit was then modified a little bit more in a manner so that you can add further capability to it easily,


open the test_bestfit.m and test the program.

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MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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