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Estimation of alpha-stable distribution parameters using a quantile method

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Parameter estimation for an alpha-stable distribution using the quantile method of McCulloch (1986).



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These programs apply a quantile approach for the estimation of the parameters of an alpha-stable distribution S(alpha,beta,gamma,delta), where:
'alpha' denotes the stability paramter and is defined over the interval (0,2],
'beta' is the skewness parameter defined over [-1,1]
'gamma' is the scale parameter defined over the positive real line,
'delta' is the location parameter defined over the entire real line.

The quantile estimation method coded here is proposed by McCulloch (1986).


McCulloch, J. H. (1986), "Simple consistent estimators of stable distribution parameters", published in Communications in Statistics, Simulation and Computation, Vol. 15, pp. 1109-1136.

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