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Filtering using Butterworth and Chebyshev

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Filtering an user defined signal or .wav file using Butterworth and Chebychev. Noise - AWGN.



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This is a GUI for Filtering. The user has an option to choose either
his/her voice signal for 5 complete seconds or a loaded signal on
his/her system. The loaded signal needs to be a .wav format. I have
employed Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) and the filtering for the
same is provided using a Butterworth and Chebychev filtering. A sample
.wav file has been provided to the user.If you have any questions or
comments please get back to me. I will return at the earliest.
Author - Vijay Sridharan.
Date - 26/1/2012

Short Note on running the file
1) Click on "load a sound file"(Radio Button) and hit load the sound
file(push button).
2) Click on "play original" to listen to the loaded file.
3) Click on "Add noise" to add a AWGN noise.
4) Filter the noisy signal using either Butterworth/Chebychev Filter.
5) See the waveform of the signal using the Plot signal.

Alternately you can follow the same procedure with your voice signal by
clicking on "Speak into Mike".

Comments and Ratings (4)

tarcio lima

why only 5seconds ? can we increase to more?

where is the push button to load a fi;e?

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