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GingerBread_Man iterated chaotic map with parameters. Attractor explorer.

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This is the Gingerbreadman map with parameters to explore variations over the original attractor.

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ginger Is a function for plot gingerBread map [1] [2] [3].

The gingerbreadman map is given by the trnasformation:

  x(i) = 1 - a*y(i-1) + b*abs(x(i-1));
  y(i) =x(i-1);
In original form a=1 and b=1. here we can change these parameters to explore diferent atractors.
       a = This is the a parameter on ecuation (1)
       b = This is the b parameter on ecuation (1)
       numiterations = This set the number of iterations of ecuation (1)

 Example (1):


 Example (2):

   We can take frames and create a movie showing the evolution
  for i=1:1500

I uploaded that movie to youtube:

  [1] Loren on the Art of MATLAB, "Pretty 2-Dimensional Chaotic Maps",

  [2] Wikipedia, "Gingerbread Map",

  [3] Adam Wachsman "Gingerbreadman chaotic 2D map",

This function was written by :
Héctor Corte
B.Sc. in physics 2010
Battery Research Laboratory
University of Oviedo
Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
Campus de Viesques, Edificio Departamental 3 - Office 3.2.05
PC: 33204, Gijón (Spain)
Phone: (+34) 985 182 559
Fax: (+34) 985 182 138


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Just change in name to make it more exact and to people looking for it more simple to find it.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired by: Gingerbreadman chaotic 2D map

Inspired: gingerbreadman

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