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Crop video to sub elements

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This function divides the input video to several parts/sub videos.



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This functions allows the user to crop the input movie to several (unlimited) fragments of his choice. The fragment dimensions are user defined either via functions input or via GUI control (using the imrect function). The function can be thought of as the complementary of my concatVideo2D, (although this isn't quiet accurate). Same results can be reached via my apply2VideoFrames.m function ( when Matlab imcrop function is utilized, but when you need to get several sub videos at a time- this is easier and faster. Another way to reach this functionality in a single line command would be through the combination of apply2VideoFrames.m with
funXapply.m ( but that would be a bit complicated.

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Replaced some outdated functions.
Made code simpler
Added demo
Added a video to play with


2012-05-15- Input video can be omitted, and chosen via Files Explorer.


- Minor bug and documentation fixes
- Frame choose menu added, for GUI based RECT choose option.


Minot bug & comments fixed.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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