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Bloch Equation Vector Diagram Simulation Toolbox

  • evolution(Spins,Sim)Spin Evolution Function
  • pulse(Spins,Sim)Pulse Function
  • 3pulse.mThis simulation depicts a 3-pulse sequence with a typical array of spins
  • DEERsimulation.mThis simulation shows the dependence of the postions of the spins that feel the
  • ethanol.mThis simulation depicts a typical 1H NMR experiment on ethanol
  • hahnecho-video.mThis script shows the method for creating an animation from your simulation
  • hahnecho.mThis simulation shows a Hahn Echo for a typical bandwidth in an EPR experiment
  • hahnechosimple.mThis imulation shows a simple Hahn Echo
  • T1-demo.mThis simulation shows the effect of T1 following a pi pulse
  • T2-demo.mThis simulation shows the effect of T2 following a pi/2 pulse
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Bloch Equation Vector Diagram Simulation Toolbox



01 Feb 2012 (Updated )

Two functions that carry out pulses and evolution time periods for an array of spins.
Sample Files/3pulse.m
Sample Files/DEERsimulation.m
Sample Files/ethanol.m
Sample Files/hahnecho-video.m
Sample Files/hahnecho.m
Sample Files/hahnechosimple.m
Sample Files/T1-demo.m
Sample Files/T2-demo.m

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