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fitting decaying oscillations

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From inputs t, y the best fit to the decaying oscillation is determined.



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 [A, T1, T2, phase, offset, Ssq] = fit_decay_oscillations( t, y, options )
 fitting decaying oscillations of the form
 y(t) = A exp( -t/T1 ) cos( t / T2 + phi) + offset
 where A is the amplitude, T1 is the decay time, T2 is the period, along with
 phase and offest. Ssq is the sum of residuals.
 options are 'notify' to show progress and 'plot' to give a plot
 you can also supply a guess or series of guesses via a row vector or
 matrix, m, where size( m, 2 ) = 5;
 if you just run program without arguments it will do an example
 examples are
 fit_decay_oscillations( t, y, 'notify', 'plot')
 [A, T1, T2, phase, offset] = fit_decay_oscillations( t, y, [1 2 3 4 5])
 Note: this script uses LMFnlsq from MATLAB central file exchange 2/5/12

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another bug fix


speed improvement, and fixed calculation of Jacobian


used the Jacobian matrix to speed calculations.


bug fix

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MATLAB 6.0 (R12)

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