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Find all fields within a struct (array) where the search pattern is found



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Function to search for entries within a structure. This is done recursively, running through all elements of array-structures.


      search_struct: structure to be searched, could also be array of struct

      search_object: string, integer, cell, array or other thing to be searched for


      structure_name: name of the structure to be searched. Used for full output of the structure content


      FoundFields: Cell array of fields where the search object is found.

Comments and Ratings (2)

Alexander Mering

Hello Brain, thanks for the feedback.

The problem is, that using regexpi would limit the search to purely string structures. So a plain replacement would be inadequat.

Nevertheless, this might be an option for further extension using search type discrimination or so.



Brian (view profile)

This was extremely helpful.

I modified the comparison from isequal to regexpi so I can find names with part of the string in. If you update this file, maybe add that as an option?

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

Inspired by: structfind

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