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Display progress, pause or stop a time-consuming loop

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Allows you to display a loop’s progress, pause (and also change related code) or stop it.

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This class creates a small pause/stop window, that allows you to either abort a running loop or pause the execution and create breakpoints or change/correct mistakes in the code (this works for files that are not in the stack from where stop.requested is called).

It can be used in different ways:
- Control the loop execution:
  while ~stop.requested
     %do your heavy calculations here

- abort execution in the middle
  for i = 1:100
     %do your heavy calculations here
     if stop.requested
        error('Stop requested')

- inform the current progress
  iter = 1;
  maxIter = 1000;

  while iter<maxIter || stop.requested
     %do your heavy calculations here
     progress = iter/maxIter;

In loops with many iterations, you can also avoid updating the screen too often (and reduce the impact of calling stop.request), by calling: stop.requested(num); where num is the interval on which the gui will be refreshed to check for user interaction.

And to enable the easter egg (, use:
stop.setStatus('xkcd', progress);

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kasim tasdemir


I use 'dispstat' function just for this purpose. It can update the previous output which is a missing function of default 'disp'. Very simple to use. It can be downloaded from here:

***Sample usage:
 dispstat('','init'); % One time only initialization
 dispstat(sprintf('Begining the process...'),'keepthis','timestamp');
 for i = 97:100
     dispstat(sprintf('Progress %d%%',i),'timestamp');
     %doing some heavy stuff here

11:25:37 Begining the process...
11:25:37 Progress 100%

All the best



Added easter egg:


14/02/2012 - Corrected the stop.close behavior

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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