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This package contains a videoplayer class capable of viewing and processing video files in real-time



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This is a videoplayer class using the videoio reader class.
The videoio library and friends must be installed.
Get it from here:

The videoioPlayer is also capable of processing the input video
by means of a user defined image processing filter.
In such a way this tool may be most useful when designing
image-processing and video-processing algorithms.

The new version also supports synchronized playing of several
videoioPlayer objects. In such a way the the filtered video file
may be viewed simultaneously with the original video.
For an example see demo_sync.m

The attached demo files demonstrate how to implement such a filter function
using (1) the image processing toolbox
(2) the vision toolbox and (3) Adobe Photoshop.

The videoioPlayer can be controlled by basic mouse and keyboard input.
For more information about this type
help videoioPlayer or
doc videoioPlayer

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New version supports synchronized playing of several video files or synchronized playing of a filtered and a un-filtered video.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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