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award-winning FDI solution in wind turbines

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The matlab code of the solution of "FDI Design Competition for Wind Turbines" (winning 1st place)



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This code presents the best solution of the international competition to design an automatic fault detection and isolation for windturbines,

For more informations about this competition please refer to:

A fault diagnosis approach based on Support Vector Machines(SVM) is designed for wind Turbines case, The article written about this approach is:

N. Laouti, N. Sheibat-Othman, and S. Othman. Support vector machines for fault detection in wind turbines.
In Proceedings of IFAC World Congress 2011, pages 7067–7072, Milan, Italy, August-September 2011.

Please indicate this reference if you use the code to publish any information

The Paper montioning wind turbines model(Benchmark) and faults requirements si:

Peter Fogh Odgaard, Jakob Stoustrup, and Michel Kinnaert. Fault tolerant control of wind turbines a benchmark model. In Proc.7th IFAC Symposium
on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety of Technical Processes, pages 155–160, Barcelona, Spain, 2009.

It is recommended to read above articles before starting the simulation.

Phd student Nassim Laouti

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keting hu

Great job!

great job

This submission proved best at detecting a variety of faults in a Simulink benchmark model of a wind turbine. Great job!

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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