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Speed Controlof DC motor Using Hysterisis PWM -- DC motor Drive

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Speed control of DC motor using Hysteresis pulse width modulation.



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This model simulates the speed and current control of DC motor using the Hysteresis pulse width modulation. The current band is defined and relay ensures that that the current remains between the upper and lower limit i.e. Hysteresis current control.

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shiv meena

ahsan Kashif

THis simulation is a good work.

Can u plz explain me how u have designed the PI controller and anti windup ckt ??? Actually i have the same project ... I have designed all other blocks , but i m not able to provide proper gain values for PI controller ...

Also if u can tell me any link where i can read hysteresis PWM properly , it will help me a lot ... Any book or any web article .... I searched many websites but couldn't find any thing gr8 ...

Plz help ...

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