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Circle Detection Using Hough Transforms


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Circle Detection Using Hough Transforms



23 Feb 2012 (Updated )

Finds circles of any radii in a image.

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Finds circles of any radii in RGB or grayscale images. returns a list of centers and radii.

Useage example:
[r , c , rad] = circlefinder(im);
finds circles with the default settings.
[r , c , rad] = circlefinder(im, [], [], 0.4);
finds circles with the default radius min and max values and a threshold set 0.4

Simple to use with good results for most cases.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
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Comments and Ratings (14)
15 Jul 2014 Kobi Nistel

Hello Chris,
The rad output variables is a vector of radii of detected circles.
The maxVec is the vector of the likelihood of a circle in all the searched radii.


15 Jul 2014 Christoph

Very Good Script!
But i have a question: The length of the output Variables rad and maxVec are not the same. Or do I have a calculation problem?

nice Regards

06 Jun 2014 Brett Shoelson

Although it's not indicated, Image Processing Toolbox appears to be a requirement for running this code.

25 Jun 2013 muthu Kumar

very good

22 Apr 2013 KHAN  
22 Apr 2013 KHAN  
19 Apr 2013 KHAN  
19 Apr 2013 KHAN  
19 Apr 2013 KHAN  
17 Feb 2013 mona

Thanks for your reply. Already sent.

16 Feb 2013 Kobi Nistel

mona, send me the image and I will see

16 Feb 2013 mona

But which parameter needs to be changed in order for the code to work on different images containing circular objects?

24 Nov 2012 Anand Abhishek Singh


08 Mar 2012 Karthik Soman

It is a good work........

03 Jul 2012

a better description

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