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MATLAB Plot Gallery - Standard Line Colors



23 Feb 2012 (Updated )

Standard line colors


This is an example showing standard colors available in MATLAB® plots.

Read about the plot function in the MATLAB documentation.

For more examples, go to MATLAB Plot Gallery

% Generate some data using the besselj function
x = 0:0.2:10;
y0 = besselj(0,x);
y1 = besselj(1,x);
y2 = besselj(2,x);
y3 = besselj(3,x);
y4 = besselj(4,x);
y5 = besselj(5,x);
y6 = besselj(6,x);

% Plot the lines from the Bessel functions using standard line colors
plot(x, y0, 'r', x, y1, 'g', x, y2, 'b', x, y3, 'c', ...
    x, y4, 'm', x, y5, 'y', x, y6, 'k')

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