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Soft interrupting of long computer runs

Soft interrupting of long computer runs



Long run of the program can be interrupted without any loss of data in a workspace.

function interpt(varargin)
%   INTERPT     Test of interrupt 
% The function test the global variable FLAG, which can be set by pushing
% the button BREAK by a mouse. If the button were not pushed, the function
% interpt is passed through without any interruption. In the oposite case,
% if some variables have been transfered from within the cycle, their names
% are displayed. Then, the function enters the keyboard mode, in which the
% user may test transfered variables and make any evaluations. 
%    The keyboard mode is interrupted by pushing F5 key. Afterwards, before 
% return from the function, the user is asked whether the cycle should
% continue. An offer on continuation can be confirmed by pushing 
% ENTER key, or refused by entering another key.  
% Required prerequisity:
% Function inp.m    (

% Miroslav Balda
% miroslav AT
% 2012-02-22    v.1.0   basic version

global FLAG;

if FLAG 
    if nargin>0
        disp(' Variable names:')
        name = cell(nargin,1);
        for k_=1:nargin
            name{k_} = char(inputname(k_));
            disp(['    ' name{k_}]);
            eval([name{k_} ' = varargin{k_};']);
        end % k
    end % if
    keyboard                        %   Press F5 if you wish to continue.
    FLAG = ~strcmp(inp('CONTINUE','yes'),'yes');

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