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Soft interrupting of long computer runs

Soft interrupting of long computer runs



Long run of the program can be interrupted without any loss of data in a workspace.

%   TEST    Demo script for testing loop break
% The demo program
% * Shows how to implement a soft cycle break with possible variable
%   testing without total cycle interruption.
% * Sets interrupt button BREAK in the user's chosen place on screen and
%   initiates the button.
% * Starts a while cycle, in which the function intrpt is placed.
% * Enters testing function intrpt.
%     - If the button has not been not pushed, the function passes through.
%     - If the button has been pushed, the user may operate in keyboard
%       mode for testing. This mode can be interrupted by pushing F5 key.
% * At the end, the program closes the button window and breaks the loop.  
% Required prerequisity:
% Function inp.m    (

% Miroslav Balda
% miroslav AT
% 2012-02-22    v.1.0   basic version

clear all
close all

global FLAG                        %   compulsory control variabledisp()

xy = eval(inp('Button position','[0.94,0.035]'));   %   button position
hB = setbutton(xy(1),xy(2));       %   create button in SW corner of screen

w = 0;
while 1                            %   An artificial cycle for testing
    fw = sin(w);
    z  = sqrt(w);
    interpt(w,fw,z)                %   transfers variables and tests button 
    if FLAG, close(hB); break, end %   close button window and break loop 
    w  = w + pi/8;

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