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Stability Chart

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To plot the stability chart or Ince strut diagram of Mathieu Equation



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Mathieu Equation is a special type of Hill's equation, which is a non- autonomous differential equation. The focal point in this is stability if the solution, which is shown as plot of system parameters. Method's like perturbation, average parameters, Hill's determinants, Floquet theory etc., can be used the plot the stability charts. The present code plots the stability chart of the Mathieu equation using Hill's infinite determinants method.

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KSSV (view profile)

@ Akash Kumar

There could be change in the relations with your given values. The file has documentation, replace the existing '2e', 't' with your values and get the relations. It is an easy task.

Akash kumar

Will this work the same way if I have epsilon in place of 2e and cos(t) in place of cos(2t).
PLease help me.

Again Vaudek

Is it the same if I want to fix \delta and set \epsilon as the eigenvalue?? Thanks again

Again Vaudek

Very usefull indeed!! just what I was looking for too!! thanks a lot my dear ;)

soheil sadeqi

Very efficient and nice...


Tom (view profile)

Very useful, fast, efficient code, with helpful documentation. Just what I was looking for, thanks!




Added few lines to CODE which can plot stability chart in seconds.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired by: Mathieu Equation (Parametric Oscillator)

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